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Medium frequency bending

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Medium frequency bending to the pipe bending processing into elbow, generally refers to the water and electricity specialized in metal tubes and electrical PVC pipes.Simmer bending is divided into cold heat and roasted.General small diameter bend can cold bending processing gain;Big diameter of hot bending will be needed.
Is mainly used for bending of colored or black metal pipe, can be used in building materials, shipbuilding, chemical industry, metallurgy, boiler, heavy machinery manufacturing sector, etc.Products are mainly used for building circular steel structure, tunnel support, the roof beam bending, the subway engineering, aluminum doors and Windows, ceiling, cylindrical inner frame, balcony railings, shower door, production lines, rail, fitness equipment and other industries.Intermediate frequency bend is currently widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, navigation, nuclear industry and other projects in the field of piping prefabrication, but medium frequency bend in striking place fold obvious big waves, especially the bending radius is less than 3 Do (Do) for the tube diameter, the inner arc fold larger waves, the serious influence the appearance of the product quality, this is for decades domestic pipe bender can't solve problems that also need.
With the development of the domestic pipe fittings manufacturing, medium frequency bend pipe manufacturing process is also in constant progress.At present, the metal pipe fittings manufacturers adopted by the manufacturing process is basically consistent with the foreign counterparts, can be said to be synchronized, part of the manufacturing plant in some aspects of the technological level has reached the level of industry-leading.
Intermediate frequency bend is stay in steel pipe bending part set in the process of induction coil, mechanically pivoted arm stuck pipe head, zhongtong into the intermediate frequency induction coil current heating tube, when the steel tube temperature to the plastic state, after the steel pipe end with mechanical thrust forward, bending, bending of making steel pipe section with coolant cooling rapidly, so that heating, while advancing, bending, while cooling, constantly to bend pipe bending.
This process can avoid the traditional bend forming process, the tube wall chime in tension thinning, thickening wall concave side compression bending tube wall thickness caused by uneven phenomenon.
By using this technology can be pushed to create an even wall thickness of small radius (R) material D, thin wall material 0.015 (t/D) 180 elbow, this is other pipe bending process cannot be achieved.Intermediate frequency pipe bender is the intermediate frequency induction heating, the workpiece bending under the condition of local heating.Compared with the general cold bending machine, not only don't need a complete set of special mould, and machine volume is only about a third of the same specifications of the cold tube bending machine ~ 1/2.Medium frequencypipe bending process is existing each kind of pipe bending process in one of the most economic and effective.Intermediate frequency pipe bending machine features:
By using this technology can be in the same horn mandrel last push to produce the same caliber of 45 ° and 90 °, 180 ° bend bend Angle, high production efficiency.
If various technology parameters design is reasonable, the technology can ensure the bending forming process of each part wall thickness is always remains the same, that is always equal to the deformation of straight pipe in front of the wall thickness.

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