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Advantages of flat welding flange and its precautions

Advantages of flat welding flange and its precautions

Update Time:2019/10/31
Advantages of flat welding flange and its precautions
The flat welded flange not only saves space, reduces weight, but more importantly ensures that the joint is not leaked and has good sealing performance. The reduced size of the compact flange is due to the reduced diameter of the seal which will reduce the cross-section of the seal face. Secondly, the flange gasket has been replaced by a sealing ring to ensure that the seal faces the sealing surface. In this way, only a small amount of pressure is required in order to press the cover tightly. As the required pressure is reduced, the size and required number of bolts can be reduced accordingly, so a new design that is small in size and light in weight (70% to 80% lighter than conventional flanges) is designed. product. Therefore, the flat welding flange type is a relatively high quality flange product, which reduces the quality and space and plays an important role in industrial use.


1. The steel plate for producing flat welding flange should be ultrasonically flawed, no delamination defects, guarantee good quality and performance problems, and be produced and inspected according to certain quality requirements to ensure that there is no quality problem in the steel plate produced and used;

2, should be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel, butt welded into a ring shape, and the surface of the steel forms a cylindrical surface. When producing flat welding flanges, steel plates shall not be directly machined into neck flanges, and they shall be fabricated and processed by a certain process.
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