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What's the standard of steel pipe fittings

What's the standard of steel pipe fittings

Update Time:2019-11-11
What's the standard of steel pipe fittings?
Why pipe fittings need standards

The standardization systems are very important, especially when the  consequences of a product failing are dire–like in an engineering project.


The standards help us to know what  we're getting will perform as our expect, and the product won't let us down.

Pipe fitting standards said how fittings were designed, how they were constructed, and how they can be expected to perform. Some of the characteristics that pipe fitting standards cover include:



Pressure-temperature ratings






End connections

Dimensions and tolerances

Pattern taper

Types Of Industrial Pipe Fitting Standards


There are a number of organizations that specify pipe fitting standards. Some of the most well-known include:


ANSI: The American National Standards Institute


This private, non-profit organization coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. ANSI's ‘schedule numbers’ classify wall thicknesses for different pressures uses.


ASME: American Society For Mechanical Engineers


ASME is one of the most respected organizations when it comes to developing standards and codes.


ASTM International: American Society for Testing And Materials


One of the largest voluntary standards development organizations, ASTM develops and publishes voluntary standards on the basis of materials, products, systems and services. Its standards include pipes, tubes and fittings.

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