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National Day of China!

National Day of China!

September 27,2019

National Day of China

Mid-Autumn Festival just have gone, and the National Day 1st Oct is following.


The holiday from 1st~07th Oct, factory will stop production, bank stop transfer, all people stop work and go to celebrate birthday 70 years of our own country-China!


Well, with the coming of the festival, the bad news is that prices of pipe fittings raw material began to rise, delivery/production time became tight..., if all depending order of fittings or flanges, we have to finish all work this week 23rd~27th Sep.


But, lucky that currency RMB devalue, it helped pipe fittingsbusiness and market not going such difficult...


Birthday of China, It is a big holiday and most important for all Chinese, during holiday, small passenger cars can drive toll-free on the highways during the week-long National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7.


Night-time sightseeing is the highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with Xi'an, Chongqing, Xiamen and Chengdu ranking among the most popular places for sightseeing at night, according to the ministry.


And the big party of China will be hold in Beijing, Tian'anmen Square which have around 1000 years history Square and city!


Chine welcome you, Chinese welcome you, Beijing waiting you !


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China National Day
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