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Steel Pipe Flanges

Steel Pipe Flanges

JS FITTINGS is a 37-year manufacturer of carbon steel pipe flanges. We are professional on the A105 pipe flange, which including weld neck flange, threaded pipe flange,  SORF flange and blind flange. We are pleased to share the documents of dimensions, material and technology to our clients. 

Weld-neck Flange

Complete with a tapered hub, these flanges are recognisable and used in high pressure environments. The flange is particularly useful under repeat bending conditions.

Slip-on Flange

A flange which is slipped over the pipe and welded both inside and outside to increase strength and prevent leakage. A favourite for engineers compared to the weld-neck due to their lower cost.

Lap-joint flange

Used in conjunction with a lap joint stub end, the flange is slipped over the pipe but not fastened, unlike the slip-on. Instead the flange is held in place by the pressure transmitted to the gasket by the flange pressure against the back of the pipe lap.

Threaded flange

Used in special circumstances, the threaded flange can be attached to the pipe without being welded. These are usually positioned on pipes with a deep wall thickness, used to create the internal thread.

Blind Flange

Manufactured without a bore, these flanges are used to blank off the end of piping, valves and pressure vessel openings. They are also most suitable for high pressure temperature applications.

Socket-weld Flange

With a static strength equal to the Slip-on flange, the Socket-weld is connected with the pipe with 1 fillet weld on the outside of the flange. Due to corrosion issues, some processes do not allow this flange.

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