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Rubber Joints

Rubber Joints

[Product Name]: 304 Stainless Steel Rubber Pipe Joint of Waterworks

[Product Brand]: JS FITTINGS

[Product Model]: DN25-2800

[Applicable Environment] Architecture, Water Supply and Drainage, Light and Heavy Industries, Refrigeration, Water Heating, Fire Protection, Electric Power, etc.

[Product characteristics]: simple structure, convenient installation, good shock absorption effect, etc.

[Rubber Material]: EPDM, oil-resistant rubber, high temperature-resistant rubber, natural rubber and so on can be customized according to customers.

[Flange Material]: Stainless Steel 304

304 stainless steel rubber pipe joint is made of rubber sphere and stainless steel flange. The flange has good gloss, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is widely used in engineering projects with high requirements. It is strictly forbidden to install rubber soft joints beyond the limit of displacement. When installing rubber joints in flat, suspension and vertical direction, the actual axial displacement pressure of rubber joints is less than the support force of pipelines. Otherwise, anti-pull device should be installed to prevent pull-out under pressure.
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